1. Thursday, March 13th @ The Pinhook

    w/ Zack Mexico, Clockwork Kids

  2. No Dark/No Light is now available both as a digital download or physical cassette at LilacShadows.com.

  3. Details: https://www.facebook.com/events/544895338921510/?ref=22

  4. Friday 11/22 - Krankie’s (W-S) w/ Estrangers, Smoke Bellow

    Saturday 11/23 - The Cave (CH) w/ Estrangers, Smoke Bellow

  5. Seurat/Rorshach

  6. Sometimes you just have to take pictures of clouds because they’re just too damn pretty. (at Durm)

  7. #durham

  8. Patron saint of (wired) musicians (wandering in fields)

  9. Things are getting weird.

  10. Brightleaf vibes

  11. Many bands, one space.

  12. The home stretch. Literally.

  13. #redlightfever

  14. Last weekend of tracking? I hope? (at Cotton Mill)

  15. Progress…progress…patience…progress…